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A Thank You To Credit Unions!

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

At the heart of credit union movement has always been people helping people.

I observed this first hand as City Treasurer at Glasgow City Council. I was determined in the role to support those in our communities who were financially excluded, usually through no fault of their own, and were being actively targeted by pay day lenders and other unethical lenders. Hence the focus to ensure the City Council placed it full backing behind the invaluable work of our credit unions.

It’s therefore rewarding to be still working with so many fantastic credit unions across the UK & Ireland with Constituent, all of whom are committed to realising the potential of digitisation in support of the financial wellbeing of their members.

Constituent has the privilege of joining their leaders on the digital journey, helping them to meet the challenge of advancing technology head on, ensuring that credit unions continue to evolve in response to the shifting needs and wants of their members.

Working with Enterprise Credit Union, for example, we have seen their digital strategy come to life bringing them even closer to their members through the launch of a state-of-the-art mobile app and in the roll out of community-based pop-up branches; all whilst alleviating the pain of manual, repetitive processes for their staff.

At Constituent we are understandably proud to play our part in supporting the credit union sector with advisory services that help their continued growth and achieve their underlining aim of helping people.

On International Credit Union Day, we send our sincere thanks and appreciation to all credit unions around the world for everything they do on behalf of others.

Paul Rooney

Director & Founder, Constituent

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