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Welcome to Constituent!

We're a consultancy that's unashamedly different.


At Constituent, we're on a mission to support business leaders by helping them to find new ways of doing things, whether it be on the digital journey or in delivery of lasting improvements as part of a compelling strategy. 

If you're a business leader and looking for some advice or guidance on your options, or are simply looking for new ideas or different perspectives, then we would be delighted to meet you. 

Paul Rooney BA LLB Dip LP MBA

Director & Founder

Our Mission

To support, inform & inspire business leaders in the development and delivery of compelling strategies through digitalisation.

Our Vision

To be recognised for our ability to add value to business leaders through straightforward advisory services.


Our Values


We aim to be ethical in all of our advice and services.

People Centric

We recognise people are central to all aspects of digitisation and successful outcomes.


We believe the answers to complexities are there to be discovered, not advised.


We are not driven by profit; our success is measured in the positive outcomes of our clients.


We are committed to making our contribution to the communities we form part of.

Our Social Aims

Constituent is a values-based, strategic consultancy committed to providing advisory services that support business leaders in achieving the best outcomes for their people and customers.

We are a team of transformational experts who know how to help businesses make the most out their digital presence, with  a strategic outlook that ensures your organisation’s long-term success by breaking down barriers between you and technology. 

We've already helped many organisations progress on theirs journey towards more effective use cases for emerging technologies because we understand what it takes from both ends: namely an understanding about how these tools can be used effectively while also assessing whether they should even replace old methods

As we continue to grow, Constituent will continue to develop our own ethical consultants through the introduction of an apprenticeship and training programme. 


Why not learn the thoughts of some of our fantastic clients and the difference Constituent has made to their own digital and business improvement journey?

Our Founder – Paul Rooney BA LLB Dip LP MBA

Paul Rooney is an accomplished transformational executive, non-executive and MBA graduate - inspired to realise the full potential of organisations within the scope of ethical & sustainable methodologies.


Paul has served two decades in leadership & strategic roles within diverse & challenging environments including an impressive political and legal career; all of which demonstrate an embedded ethics, values, and integrity. 


His proven track record in successful business improvement is based upon systems thinking; specialising in the appraisal of business processes in the evaluation of the potential presented by technology propositions and the application of his ‘3Ps’ (Prudence, Performance & People) in the enhancement of operational performance.


Appointed by Government and others for his expertise in governance, strategy, and analysis; Paul has received national recognition for his leadership, innovation, and public policy activities across ethical finance, policing and responsible investment.


Paul was awarded an MBA with Distinction from Strathclyde Business School, with his thesis exploring the influence of organisational culture upon successful transformational change.


We're always looking to meet business leaders and learn more of their own journeys.

If that's you, then let's connect!

  • 0141 463 7712

  • 272 Bath Street, Glasgow, G2 4JR

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