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The Digital Journey

Constituent recognises technology now influences every aspect of our lives, how we work and how we consume services - hence the digital journey is at the heart of everything we do!  Our aim is to make it easy for business leaders to achieve digital ambitions.

Constituent's Digital Toolkit is a maturity model based upon our own tried and tested methodology, which simplifies the digital journey by devising, developing, and delivering a holistic transformational roadmap.

Our FREE Diagnostic provides key insights to make informed decisions at any stage of the digital journey.


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Our Digital Toolkit

With the unrelenting influence of technology on every aspect of our lives, successful digital transformation is increasingly complex, challenging and demanding – but, as we all know, it’s essential to our future success.

At Constituent our aim is to simplify the digital journey for business leaders by breaking down the complexities into a manageable and deliverable plan in response to shifting societal expectations.


Our independent advisory services, based upon our tried & tested Digital Toolkit, provide business leaders with the support and guidance they need in the critical evaluation of technology propositions. 

Why not read the thoughts of some of our fantastic clients and hear the difference Constituent’s Digital Toolkit & services have made to their digital journey?


Diagnostic is a high-level health check of digital transformation readiness across the eight key organisational components of our tried and tested Digital Toolkit.

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Evaluation offers business leaders a holistic organisational assessment through a detailed gap analysis using the eight key organisational competencies of our Digital Toolkit and its structured levels.


Preparation of a deliverable Roadmap through a comprehensive assessment of your business operations (people & processes) and current technology landscape; mapping each step of your bespoke digital journey to enhance operational effectiveness and the achievement of your desired outcomes within available resources.

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Our strategic advisory services, training & support are specifically tailored to advance the digital journey aligned to your own Roadmap; adding value through the deployment of ethical, sustainable systems thinking to develop and evaluate propositions presented by technology and wider business change.

Organisational Improvement Audit

An objective periodical examination & independent position statement of organisational agility across all aspects of digitisation (people, processes & technology) to ensure maintenance of continuous improvement.

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