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Testimonials From Our Clients

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

Want to know exactly what we do, and how we could help your business? Read on to find out from some of our clients.

Digital Roadmap | Business Requirements | Market Engagement

Enterprise is a multi-million-pound social enterprise, and is one of the most successful community credit unions in the UK. Their Strategic Plan sought to accelerate growth through digitalisation, serving more people via digital channels.

Constituent was appointed to work closely with the Chief Executive to design a deliverable digital roadmap utilising our ‘People, Processes & Technology’ methodology.

Enterprise is now progressing against a clearly defined digital roadmap based upon a set of documented business requirements for future technology. With the support of Constituent, decisions are now informed by an enhanced understanding of societal needs and wants from financial services and, crucially, with the input received from members through regularly surveys and facilitated focus groups.

‘’Constituent has been able to prepare a deliverable digital strategy and roadmap, founded upon the needs of our people and the identification of where these can be most effectively enabled through technology. Crucial to this partnership has been the values and ethics of Constituent. This has added great value throughout the engagement, with Constituent demonstrating a clear understanding of our members, our communities, our unique drivers and complexities as a large community credit union. This appreciation helped to build the trust and confidence of our Team, as a valued partner, and supported them to embrace the digital journey.”

Karen Bennett CBE, Chief Executive, Enterprise Credit Union

Governance Support

Transport Credit Union is one of the longest-standing industrial CUs in the UK, with thousands of members throughout rail, bus & wider transportation industries.

The Board and CEO sought the services of an experienced governance practitioner to support the development of strategic awareness in response to increasing complexities and challenges, especially in the key areas of regulatory compliance & digitalisation.

Constituent facilitated bespoke board development sessions designed around the identified needs to enhance the awareness of the role of a Director of the Credit Union and the expectations of Digital Governance.

All participants report the significant value placed upon their own personal learning and development from the sessions, and have committed to additional topics.

“We identified the benefit of working with an experienced governance practitioner to further develop our strategic outlook, especially with a focus upon compliance & digitalisation. Constituent worked closely with the Chief Executive & President to develop bespoke sessions designed around our specific needs. This level of preparation made a huge difference, as Constituent really understood what we needed from the sessions. I would also highlight the engaging delivery style of the Constituent Team, their straightforward approach puts people at ease & builds the confidence of everyone.”

Craig Clark, CEO, The Transport Credit Union

Case Study 3: Glasgow Taxis Limited

Business Modelling

(Financial Accountability | Operational Assessment)

Glasgow Taxis, Scotland’s largest taxi operator, is a mutual society and is not driven by profit but rather to support the needs and interests of its members.

In 2019, Constituent supported the preparation of Glasgow Taxis’ first-ever Strategic Plan, but the delivery of this was severely disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

With pressing financial constraints, Constituent worked closely with the Company Secretary and the Board to reprofile the financial plan to ensure trading remained viable. Through necessary interventions, the Board ensured all jobs were protected and a service remained in place for all customers including key workers during periods of national lockdown.

Constituent continues to support Glasgow Taxis with this ongoing activity, which has further refined its business model and ensures improved efficiency and effectiveness of the Company over the longer term.

“Constituent has always taken the necessary time to appreciate and understand the uniqueness of our business. The impact of Government restrictions during COVID was understandably devastating for a taxi company. As our business recovery continues, with the valuable contribution made by Constituent, Glasgow Taxis has used the opportunity to refine its entire business model to ensure our efficiency and effectiveness over the longer term. We continue to benefit from the full range of digital & advisory services offered by Constituent, and we would recommend them to any SME or member-led business.”

Robert McLean, Company Secretary, Glasgow Taxis Limited

Business Case | Project Management | Collaboration

Scottish Police Credit Union (SPCU) is recognised as one of the UK’s most innovative & successful financial cooperatives.

Identifying a significant strategic risk, as part of a collaboration, SPCU tasked Constituent with the preparation of an investment case in respect of the identification of suitable technology against documented business needs for consideration by its Board.

Following Board approval of the business case, Constituent was engaged as Project Manager by the consortium of Credit Unions requiring the oversight of the performance of the chosen technology partner against the agreed objectives, within set timescales and budgets.

“Having commissioned Constituent to conduct a feasibility study and prepare a Business Case for an IT Platform, I was highly impressed by their professional approach to the task. They researched my organisation, interviewed key stakeholders and prepared a compelling comprehensive business case all within the agreed timescales and specifications. I would highly recommend Constituent.”

George Nedley, Chief Executive, Scottish Police Credit Union

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