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Straightforward Advisory Services

CXO Services that add value to business leaders

Our Services

Constituent's CXO services are tailored to the specific needs of business leaders, with invaluable insights and support across four essential service domains. 

We work closely with leaders to understand their specific needs to provide the advice, guidance and services that will achieve desired organisational outcomes. 

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  • Digital Strategy

  • Implementation Planning

  • Technology Evaluation

  • Intelligent Client

  • Delivery Management


  • Regulatory & Compliance

  • Governance & Risk Review

  • Business Continuity Planning

  • Improvement Audit

  • Board Training


Recognised Credit Union Sector specialists across:

  • Digital Roadmaps

  • Technology Trends

  • Strategic Plans

  • Compliance Standards

  • Business Cases

  • Board / Director Development

  • Market Appraisals

  • Supplier Management


  • Strategic Planning

  • Business Case

  • Operational Assessment

  • Policy Development

  • Performance Management


  • Procurement Support (RfP & RfI)

  • Vendor Management

  • Market Needs Assessment

  • Strategic Communications

  • Public Policy


What Our Clients Say


Karen Bennett CBE, CEO,

Enterprise Credit Union 

‘... added great value and understand of our needs'

"Constituent supported the Leadership Team to develop a detailed digital roadmap. Using their methodology, we have been able to review and challenge our traditional processes and practices to establish clear business needs and requirements. Constituent has been able to prepare a deliverable digital strategy and roadmap, founded upon the needs of our people and the identification of where these can be most effectively enabled through technology.  

Crucial to this partnership has been the values and ethics of Constituent, who, like us are a social enterprise and bring added value and understanding of our needs. This has added great value throughout the engagement, with Constituent demonstrating a clear understanding of our members, our communities, our unique drivers and complexities as a large community credit union.”

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